Clnnr Project - Be part of a clnnr world

Spent some time.

You are idle so many times a day. Why not spending it for something good and help your neighborhood to be cleaner. Multiple small cleaning tasks right next to you are waiting accomplished.

Learn how »

Tidy up where you are.

If your neighbours do it, why don't you? Open your clnnr app, locate you and change your ennvironment.

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Earn your clnnr karma.

With every cleaning job done you earn ecos and karma to tell you how environmental caring you are. Plus you earn money for every clnnr task you complete.

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Collect some rubbish from the floor. Right where you are.

You are chilling at Helmholtzplatz, Berlin? Look around you. Maybe there is an empty bottle or a lonely piece of paper. Just grab the clnnr app, watch out for a clnnr task and tidy up that place.
No task found? Create one by yourself and remind others to clean their neighbourhood.

Help the world by making it a clnnr place.Tidy up the world with your friends.

Connect to your social network and start cleaning your street, your favourite spot, your university or the whole city.
Come together for a cleaner future.

Earn money by cleaning your neighborhood.Simple tasks with a huge impact.

Next to improving your eco karma by cleaning your environment you can earn money by accomplishing clnnr tasks. Just take a picture of the mess around you, tidy up and take a picture of your awesome work.